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Co-founder and President of NIL Data Solutions AI, which manages, protects and monetizes the Digital NIL Rights of professional Athletes, Celebrities, Influencers, Actors, Musicians and Content Creators.

Previously, Heffler was the Managing Partner for Zero G Colony, a joint venture with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic that encompasses space travel, live music and innovation. Zero G Colony is a live event and global broadcast platform that will feature a live performance in outer space featuring Lady Gaga. Zero G Colony will host an annual music festival where future thinkers and cutting-edge brands can showcase innovation and technology, while also being a part of music history. Responsibilities consist of developing brand partnerships, media propositions and investment procurement. These partnerships specifically integrate space travel, technology, innovation and live entertainment. 

In 2011, he founded LineRocket Entertainment, a multi-faceted entertainment business that produces large-scale concerts, facilitates live stream broadcasting and offers ticketing/marketing services.

He also acts as a silent partner of Invincible Pictures, a prominent film production and distribution company based out of Philadelphia that owns streaming media platform FlixFling. Prior to the above ventures, he worked at Claims Compensation Bureau, LLC., filing class action litigation claims on behalf of billion-dollar hedge funds and institutional investors. 

His experience in the nightlife industry grew when he opened Couture Nightclub in November 2012. Located in Hollywood California, Couture is the first ever fashion-inspired nightclub featuring the trending high-fashion scene with fashion shows hosted by Los Angeles' hottest designers that take place on the venue's runway-style dance floor.

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